Toshihiko KAWAMURA
Assistant Professor, Multidimensional Data Analysis Group, Department of Data Science
Phone: +81-50-5533-8500
E-mail: kawamura
Degree: Ph.D. of engineering, Hiroshima University, 2004, Title of Doctoral Thesis: Characterizations of the distributions of inverse Gaussian family and other based on maximum entropy principle.
Employment: 2004.4 - 2005.7  Hiroshima Cancer Therapy Development Organization
                           Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine
2005.8 - 2005.8  National Cancer Center Research Center for Cancer Prevention and Screening (research resident)
2006.1 -              Assistant Professor, Department of Data Science, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Statistical Science
Development of statistical methodology in robust parameter design and verification of its effectiveness

Selected Papers
(1)T.Kawamura and K. Iwase (2003): Characterization of the distributions of power inverse Gaussian and others based on the entropy maximization principle, J. Japan Statist, Soc., 33 (1), 95-104.
(2)T.Kawamura (2004): Derivation of the power and generalized inverse Gaussian distributions based on the entropy maximization principle, Comm. Statist. Theory Methods, 33 (7), 1481-1490.
(3)T.Kawamura and Y. Saisho (2006): Stochastic models describing human metabolism processes using SDEs with reflection, Stochastic models, 22 , 273-287.
(4)T.Kawamura, K. Iwase and K. Kanefuji (2006): An approach to the signal-noise ration based on the proportional models and its applications, Journal of the Japanese Society for Quality Control , 36 (3), 91-99.
(5)T.Kawamura and K. Iwase (2007): A Statistical Consideration of Two-Step Optimization in Parameter Design, Proceedings of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 55, 327-336.

Membership of Academic Societies
Japan Statistical Society, Japanese Society Quality Control, Quality Engineering Society