Yasumasa BABA
Adjunct Professor, Center for Engineering and Technical Support
Education: Bachelor of Science, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Tohoku Univ., 1968
Master of Science, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku Univ., 1970
Doctor of Science, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku Univ., 1974
Degree: Doctor of Science, Kyushu Univ., 1986, Title of Doctoral Thesis: Directional Information Analysis and Statistical Computing.
Master of Science, Tohoku Univ., 1970, Title of M.A. Thesis: Vortex Motion in Superconductors Containing Magnetic Impurities.
Employment: 1974-1985 Researcher, Fourth Division, ISM
1985-1997 Associate Professor, Department of Statistical Methodology, ISM
1997-2005 Professor, Center for Information on Statistical Sciences, ISM
2000-2002 Director of Center for Information on Statistical Sciences, ISM

2005-2008 Professor, Department of Data Science, ISM
2008-present Adjunct Professor, Center for Engineering and Technical Support, ISM
Multidimensional Analysis
Dynamical analysis of multidimensional data

Selected Papers
(1) Graphical analysis of rank data, Behaviormetrika, 19 (1986), 1-15.
(2) Graphical prediction method based on categorical data, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 5(2) (1987), 85-101.
(3) Graphical analysis of ranks, Recent development in Clustering and Data Analysis (Eds. Hayashi, C., et al.)(1988), Academic Press, 87-96.
(4) New approaches based on rankings in sensory evaluation, New Approaches in Classification and Data Analysis (Eds. Diday, E. et al.)(1994), Springer-Verlag, 525-532.
(5) Scaling methods for ranked data, Data Science and its Applications (Eds. Escoufier, Y. et al.)(1995), Academic Press, 133-144.
(6) On contingency, projection and forced classification of dual scaling (with Nishisato, S.), Behaviormetrika, 26(2) (1999), 207-219.
(7) Time dependent principal component analysis (with Nakamura, T.), Measurement and Multivariate Analysis (Eds. Nishisato, S. et al.)(2002), Springer-Verlag, Tokyo, 155-162.

Selected Publications
(1) Data Science and its Applications, Academic Press (1995) (with Escoufier, Y. et al.).
(2) Data Science, Classification, and Related Methods, Springer-Verlag, Tokyo (1998)(with Hayashi, C. et al.).
(3) Recent Advances in Statistical Research and Data Analysis, Springer-Verlag, Tokyo (2002)(with Hayter, A. J. et al.).
(4) Measurement and Multivariate Analysis, Springer-Verlag, Tokyo (2002)(with Nishisato, S. et al.).

Membership of Academic Societies
International Statistical Institute, International Association of Statistical Computing, Japan Statistical Society, The Behaviormetric Society of Japan

Professional Services
Japan Statistical Society (Director 1983-1985, Associate editor 1986-1988, Councilor 1984-1986, 1998-2000, 2006-present); Behaviormetric Society of Japan (Director 1991-1994, 2000-present); Japanese Classification Society (Director 1985-1993, Director general 1995-1997); Japanese Society of Applied Statistics (Councilor 1990-1991, 2000-2001, Director 1998-1999); Japanese Society of Computational Statistics (Councilor 1987-2000, 2003-2004, 2006-present, Director 1987-1998, 2003-present).