• About The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

About The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) was established in June 1944, based on a recommendation to the National Research Council of Japan "to form a research institute concerned with statistical science, with a focus on statistical mathematics". The declared aim of the new institute was to "undertake specialized research on mathematical principles and applications related to probability, and to communicate, unify, and promote such research". Ever since its inception, the ISM has played a leading role in the development of statistical mathematics research in Japan as the nation's key institute for research in this field. Then in 1985, the ISM was restructured to become an "Inter-University Research Institute" and strengthened its joint research and use system so that the ISM plays an central role in statistical science for the declared purpose of "implementing research on the mathematical principles and applications of statistics and to make the institute available for use by university academics and others engaged in similar research". Since 1985, ISM has opened its doors to researchers from a remarkably broad range of fields-not just from Japan, but from all over the world-who work together with tremendous energy on many and various kinds of joint research projects to produce world-leading and groundbreaking findings.