• Three-year term Ph. D. course

Three-year term Ph. D. course

Admissions Guide for October 2017 & April 2018 & October 2018 Commencement

* For contents and details, make sure to check the Applications Handbook.

■ Application Requirements

* For details check the Applications Handbook.

■ Application Period

2017 October Commencement July. 14 (Fri.) to July. 20 (Thu.), 2017
2018 April Commencement (Period 1) July. 14 (Fri.) to July. 20 (Thu.), 2017
2018 April Commencement (Period 2) Dec. 1 (Fri.) to Dec. 7 (Thu.), 2017
2018 October Commencement (Period 1) Dec. 1 (Fri.) to Dec. 7 (Thu.), 2017

■ Entrance Exam Dates

2017 October Commencement Aug. 22 (Tue.) to Aug. 25 (Fri.), 2017
2018 April Commencement (Period 1) Aug. 22 (Tue.) to Aug. 25 (Fri.), 2017
2018 April Commencement (Period 2) Jan. 23 (Tue.) to Jan. 26 (Fri.), 2018
2018 October Commencement (Period 1) Jan. 23 (Tue.) to Jan. 26 (Fri.), 2018

* Details about exam times will be provided when you are sent your exam admission ticket.

■ Necessary Documentation for Application

* For details about the documentation that needs to be submitted with applications check the Applications Handbook.

■ Message to Applicants Sitting Exams

If you wish to enroll in this department, please refer to the Applications Handbook for information about the fields of education and research in which the Department of Statistical Science offers supervision, as well as their guidelines, and check details about offered subjects and the main educational focus of academic supervisors. Before submitting an application, consult with the academic supervisor you wish to work with regarding the research you wish to pursue and your research plans after enrollment.

Note that if you are accepted for enrollment in the program, the academic supervisor that you nominated at the time of application will be taken into account when deciding your main academic supervisor after enrollment, so please consider this choice carefully.

For the above reason, if you are not sure which academic supervisor to consult before application, or if you need more detailed information (e.g., list of main papers published by each academic supervisor), please contact us for a consultation.

■ Selection Method

Selection of applicants will be based on documentation screening and an interview.
[Documentation screening]
Assessment will be based on research interests, master's thesis and other published academic papers or research conducted, or by transcripts of undergraduate and graduate school academic performance.
Interviews in Japanese or English will be conducted to assess research motivation, basic knowledge of statistical science, relevant specialist knowledge cultivated up to now, originality, expression and presentation skills, and aptitude for research.

■ Acceptance Criteria

Decisions on whether to accept applicants will be based on an overall evaluation of the results of the documentation screening and interview.

■ Inquiries regarding any of the above

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