Risk Analysis Research Center

The Risk Analysis Research Center is pursuing a scientific approach to the study of the increased uncertainty and risk associated with the increasing globalization of the society and economy. The center is also constructing a network for risk analysis in order to contribute to the creation of a reliable and safe society. The center organized following ten projects.

Risk Data Foundation Project

This project constructs databases and research environment for cooperative risk researches.

Mathematical Risk Analysis Group

This project studies the mathematical statistics required in the risk analysis including extreme value theory, copula theory, and multiple comparisons.

Environmental Risk Project

This project studies the statistical methodologies related to environmental risk and environmental monitoring.

Risk Analysis for Resource Management

This Project focuses on mathematical modeling and analysis for natural and socio-economic issues of resource management within deterministic and stochastic frameworks.

Food and Drug Risk Project

This project aims to develop the statistical framework and methodology of quantitative risk evaluation for substances ingested by the human body.

Project for New paradigm of design and analysis of clinical trials for predictive medicine

This project studies statistical methodology to evaluate risk and benefit of personalized/predictive medicine in clinical trials.

Genome Information Analysis Project

This project contribute to understand genome information by developing methodologies to discover useful knowledge and quantify latent risk.

Mental Health and Suicide Protection Project

This project pursues solving suicide and its related mental health problems through application of spatial-temporal analysis, factorial design and visualization.

Statistical Seismological Research Project

The project develops statistical models for earthquake occurrences, techniques of probabilistic earthquake forecasting and evaluation methods for forecasting performance.

Financial Risk and Insurance Research Project

This project explores the use of statistical modeling methods to quantify the risks involved with financial instruments and insurance products.