Department of Statistical Modeling

The Department of Statistical Modeling works on the structural modeling of physical phenomenon related to numerous factors, and it conducts research on model-based statistical inference methodologies. By means of the modeling of spatially and/or temporally varying phenomena, complex systems, and latent structures, the department aims to contribute to the development of cross-field modeling intelligence.

Spatial and Time Series Modeling Group

The Spatial and Time Series Modeling Group works on the development and evaluation of statistical models, which function effectively in terms of predicting phenomena or scientific discoveries, through data analysis and modeling related to space-time-varying phenomena.

Complex System Modeling Group

The Complex System Modeling Group conducts studies in order to discover the structures of complex systems, such as nonlinear systems and hierarchical networks, through statistical modeling.

Latent Structure Modeling Group

The Latent Structure Modeling Group works on the modeling of variable factors as latent structures existing behind various dynamic phenomena in the real world. It also conducts research on methodologies for inference computation associated with structures on the basis of data related to phenomena.