Department of Data Science

The aim of the Department of Data Science is to contribute to the development of natural and social sciences by conducting research into the methodology of designing statistical data collection systems, measuring and analyzing complex phenomena for evidence-based sciences, and performing exploratory multivariate data analyses.

Survey Science Group

Founded on the accomplishments in social research by the ISM spanning over half a century including the Study of the Japanese National Character and the cross-national comparative research on national characteristics, we aim to develop methodologies for survey research in a sustainable manner, improve public awareness and literacy about social research, accumulate data from survey research at the national scale, and facilitate mutual understanding between different countries.

Metric Science Group

The Metric Science Group studies methods for measuring and analyzing complex phenomena to extract statistical evidence behind them in the various fields of science.

Structure Exploration Group

Structure Exploration Group advances statistical and mathematical research by applying or developing exploratory multivariate data analyses to clarify latent structures of real phenomena in various fields of both natural and social sciences.