Project Outline

Message from the Director

Dear All

My name is Genta Ueno and I was assigned to be the director on April 1, 2017, in succession to Prof. Tomoyuki Higuchi.

Data assimilation (DA), which is a mathematical technique for integrating numerical simulations and observational/experimental data, is also a technique that integrates domain-specific approaches such as numerical modelling and observation network design, and methodological approaches based on statistical modelling and time-series analysis. The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) has been promoted studies of DA techniques and their applications, and established Research and Development Center for Data Assimilation on January 1, 2011.

Mission of our research center is to design next-generation simulation models capable of predicting future states and to propose efficient observation systems and design. Our research projects include: (1) methodology of sequential Bayesian filtering, which is a fundamental technique for improving simulation models on the basis of observational data, (2) emulation models as a simplified alternative of a simulation model, (3) high-quality hardware random number generators for reliable statistical simulations, (4) statistical analysis systems utilizing parallel computing technologies, (5) Monte Carlo algorithms for DA, and (6) visualization software that enhances impacts of various research to the society.

Our research center contributes to many governmental and industrial research projects. We are also building a cooperative network with other universities and research institutes associated with DA through "Next-Generation Simulation" as a branch of the NOE (Network Of Excellence).

Through continuous development of advanced studies designed to meet social expectations, we are devoting ourselves to development of science and technology in Japan.


Genta Ueno, Associate Prof.
Director of Next-Generation Simulation NOE
Director of Research and Development Center for Data Assimilation