Outline of NOE Project

――NOE (Network Of Excellence) Project ――
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) promote the NOE (Network Of Excellence) Project which aims to build a framework for advancing strategic research, to new scientific methodology (the “fourth paradigm”), and to pursue a new approach to collaboration research system by forming the research network in each field.

【Aims and goals】

  • To promote more active research collaboration between statistical mathematics researchers and researchers in other fields noted above
  • To develop research rapidly both in statistical mathematics and other research fields
  • To serve hubs, which ISM, as the core organization, to makes it possible to connect various research fields and to expand research collaboration
  • To promote integration research and to create new study fields
  • To establish the new style, the network-type, of the corporative research

【Outline of the project】

It is necessary to use the large scale data and integrated research for the solution of the complicate problem in modern society.
The NOE (Network Of Excellence) has been requested from each community, which ISM serves as hubs because the research field of statistical mathematics can go across the various research fields. Therefore, as one of the Inter-university research institutes, ISM has promoted the NOE Project since 2010.

The experts of each domain from industry, government and academy are assigned as members of the Advisory Board of the project who advise for promotion and management of the project. Then the managing committee of the NOE Project decides how to promote the project uniformly.

In February, 2017, ISM reconsidered the research structure in the institute and reorganized the NOE-type centers. ISM always considers about the cooperative relationship with the Research Organization of Information and System (ROIS), the parent organization of ISM, social conditions and requests from each community, and ISM promote the NOE Project continuously to develop research activities rapidly and extensively.

  • ISM, one of the inter-university research institute, has the role to serve as hubs which all universities in Japan requests.
  • ISM are forming NOE (Network Of Excellence) in the fields of Risk Research, Next-Generation Simulation, Survey Science and Statistical Machine Learning.
  • Research staff of ISM who are assigned in each NOE domain promote research collaboration with researchers who belong to the domestic or foreign industry, government, academia organizations.
  • The NOE-type research centers and group in ISM have the role of core in each NOE domain. They serve as hubs to promote integration research and to create new study fields.
  • ISM provides supercomputers and other facilities for joint use to promote each research.
    You can see the Supercomputer systems in ISM here.
    You can see the library in ISM here.
  • ISM is also promoting the project which the Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research of ROIS has entrusted to ISM.
  • With the support from each community, ISM is trying to develop each research domain and to promote integrated research using new network style for research collaboration.

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Diagrams the NOE Project in ISM