Place: Seminar Room 5 (D313, D314)

Open: 15:30
Time: 16:00-17:20
[Part 1] 16:00-16:40
[Part 2] 16:40-17:20

Statistical Mathematics Seminar 2018

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April - May
Date Speaker Title
Apr 25 Jiancang Zhuang On extensions of earthquake clustering models
Apr 25 Teppei Ogihara Local Asymptotic Mixed Normality for integrated diffusion processes
May 9 Genta Ueno Data assimilation into a numerical weather prediction model
May 9 Mirai Tanaka Efficient algorithm for constrained nonconvex sparse optimization
May 16 Ayaka Sakata Approximate message passing for nonconvex sparse penalty: convergence condition and model selection
May 16 Wu Stephen Discovery of high thermal conductivity polymer using Bayesian inverse design
May 30 Donald Richards Hypothesis testing with integral operators for gamma-type distributions
May 30 Ryo Yoshida TBA
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