Place: Seminar Room 5 (D313, D314)

Open: 15:30
Time: 16:00-17:20
[Part 1] 16:00-16:40
[Part 2] 16:40-17:20

Statistical Mathematics Seminar 2017

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April - May
Date Speaker Title
Apr 19 Park Yoosung Analysis about a feeling of effort from the Survey on the Japanese National Character
Apr 19 Takaaki Shimura Discrete distributions whose truncated means have logarithmic order
Apr 26 Masayo Hirose Non area specific adjustment factor for efficient confidence interval under aggregated level model
Apr 26 Akiko Takeda Proximal DC algorithm for constrained sparse optimization
May 10 Satoshi Kuriki Euler characteristic heuristic for approximating the distributions of the largest eigenvalue of random matrices
May 10 Daichi Mochihashi Unsupervised learning of co-substructures by kernel dependence maximization
May 17 Jiancang Zhuang Detection and replenishment of missing data in the observation of point processes with time-separable marks
May 17 Teppei Ogihara Machine learning theory for statistical models of diffusion processes
May 24 Yukito Iba Sampling discrete structures by multicanonical MCMC
May 24 Genta Ueno Data assimilation into a coupled model
May 31 Mirai Tanaka Splitting algorithms for logarithmic regularized least squares over the standard simplex
May 31 Ayaka Sakata Belief propagation algorithm for matrix factorization problems
Date Speaker Title
Jun 7 Wu Stephen Quantification and use of 'things we do not know'
Jun 7 Momoko Hayamizu Discrete mathematics for stem cell biology
Jun 21 Shogo Mizutaka Complex networks and self-organized criticality
Jun 21 Yuta Tanoue Sparse estimation by sign-constrained regression with convex loss functions
Jun 28 Ryo Yoshida Materials informatics: Presents and future prospects
Jun 28 Kazuhiro Minami Optimizing a cell suppression problem for tabular data
Jul 5 Francois Septier Sequential Monte-Carlo methods for Bayesian filtering in high-dimensional spaces: Application to multitarget tracking
Jul 5 Frederick Kin Hing Phoa The Swarm Intelligence Based (SIB) method 2.0: Two enhancements and their applications in statistics
Jul 12 Hideatsu Tsukahara Backtesting in finance and prequential analysis
Jul 12 Takashi Tsuchiya A new polynomial-time algorithm for symmetric cone programming
Date Speaker Title
Oct 4 Junji Nakano Visualization of aggregated symbolic data
Oct 4 Kenji Fukumizu Supervised clustering and its application to planetary science
Oct 11 Shunichi Nomura Classification of in-week patterns in ambulatory activity from log data of activity monitor and its association with body composition changes
Oct 11 Hironori Fujisawa Optimal semi-supervised learning
Oct 18 Satoshi Ito Clinch/elimination number calculations with a mixed integer nonlinear programming solver
Oct 18 Daisuke Murakami Moran coefficient-based approach to investigate spatially varying relationships
Oct 25 Nobuo Shimizu Chi-squared statistics of aggregated symbolic data
Oct 25 Masayuki Henmi Estimation of covariance matrices in multivariate meta-analysis under small number of studies
Nov 8 Yoshihiko Miyasato Asymptotically stable adaptive cooperative control of uncertain multi-agent systems
Nov 8 Eitaro Aiyoshi Interpretation of deep learning from function approximation
Nov 15 Yumi Takizawa Research on position measurement technology using microwave circular polarization
Nov 15 Tadahiko Maeda Analysis of response time data in computer assisted surveys
Nov 22 Yoshinori Kawasaki Recent development of integer-valued autoregressive models
Nov 22 Naoki Kamiya Response bias towards the high probability - small reward option
Nov 29 Koji Kanefuji Statistical distributions on environmental data analysis
Nov 29 Ryozo Yoshino "Big Data" collapses democracy!
Dec 6 Shinsuke Koyama Modeling companies bankruptcy data with cascade Poisson processes
Dec 6 Masaya Saito Concentrated distribution of vaccines and its effect on final size of Japanese rubella epidemic
Dec 13 Tomoko Matsui A survey on green bonds
Dec 13 Ichiro Ken Shimatani Piece-wise regression model for circular-circular data
Dec 20 Shinto Eguchi Prediction and regression using generalized mean
Dec 20 Shin'ya Nakano Analysis of aurora image data using a state space model
Date Speaker Title
Jan 10 Fumikazu Miwakeichi Discrimination of neuron types using optical imaging data and analysis of those characteristics of activities
Jan 10 Shogo Kato A Bayesian network model for linear-circular data
Jan 17 Jun Adachi Advancement of an ancient DNA studies for exploring bio-diversity in a lost ecological systems
Jan 17 Atsushi Yoshimoto A new optimization model for spatially constrained harvest scheduling with focal-point aggregation
Jan 31 Hisashi Noma Comparative effectiveness research using network meta-analysis and effective inference methods via higher order asymptotics
Jan 31 Masaaki Imaizumi Statistical estimation for non-smooth functions by deep neural networks
Feb 7 Shiro Ikeda Imaging methods for astronomy based on sparsity
Feb 7 Shuhei Mano Bayesian curve fitting for discontinuous functions using overcomplete system with multiple kernels
Feb 21 Ikuko Funatogawa Variance covariance structures in longitudinal data analysis
Feb 21 Satoshi Yamashita A data structuring study : methods and evaluation for data relation matching
Mar 7 Naomasa Maruyama Days in The ISM during The Internet developping years.
Mar 14 Yoshiyasu Tamura Data Analysis, Supercomputer and Random Number -- Looking back on my 36 years atISM--
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