Place: Seminar Room 5 (D313, D314)

Open: 15:30
Time: 16:00-17:20
[Part 1] 16:00-16:40
[Part 2] 16:40-17:20

Statistical Mathematics Seminar 2017

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April - May
Date Speaker Title
Apr 19 Park Yoosung Analysis about a feeling of effort from the Survey on the Japanese National Character
Apr 19 Takaaki Shimura Discrete distributions whose truncated means have logarithmic order
Apr 26 Masayo Hirose Non area specific adjustment factor for efficient confidence interval under aggregated level model
Apr 26 Akiko Takeda Proximal DC algorithm for constrained sparse optimization
May 10 Satoshi Kuriki Euler characteristic heuristic for approximating the distributions of the largest eigenvalue of random matrices
May 10 Daichi Mochihashi Unsupervised learning of co-substructures by kernel dependence maximization
May 17 Jiancang Zhuang Detection and replenishment of missing data in the observation of point processes with time-separable marks
May 17 Teppei Ogihara Machine learning theory for statistical models of diffusion processes
May 24 Yukito Iba TBA
May 24 Genta Ueno Data assimilation into a coupled model
May 31 Mirai Tanaka TBA
May 31 Ayaka Sakata Belief propagation algorithm for matrix factorization problems
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