Place: Seminar Room 5 (D313, D314)

Open: 15:30
Time: 16:00-17:20
[Part 1] 16:00-16:40
[Part 2] 16:40-17:20

Statistical Mathematics Seminar 2015

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April - May
Date Speaker Title
Apr 8 Shinto Eguchi On the Kolmogorov-Nagumo average
Apr 8 Shogo Kato Multivariate Cauchy families and conformal mapping
Apr 15 Toshiya Kazama Locomotion control for flexible structure: mathematical models and robots
Apr 15 Fumikazu Miwakeichi A statistical mapping strategy to identify inspiratory neurons among active cells in the pre-Bötzinger Complex
Apr 22 Jun Adachi Deployment of ancient DNA research toward biological diversity elucidation of lost ecological system
Apr 22 Yumi Takizawa Research in neuron and neural systems
- Electro-physical basis of activity, Sensing of events in time-space domain, and Return to unicellular organisms -
May 13 Naomasa Maruyama Statistical functions of dynamic geometry software "GeoGebra"
May 13 Makio Ishiguro On Serendipity and the Research Collaboration Start-up Program
May 20 Yoosung Park A study on experiments for improving response rates in mail
May 20 Osamu Komori Generalization of t statistic and AUC by considering heterogeneity in probability distributions
May 27 Hisashi Noma Decomposing direct and indirect comparison estimates in network meta-analysis: Evaluation of comparison-specific inconsistency
May 27 Yoshimasa Uematsu Macroeconomic forecasting and model selection with a large number of mixed frequency data
June - July
Date Speaker Title
Jun 3 Ikuko Funatogawa Autoregressive linear mixed effects model for longitudinal data analysis
Jun 3 Satoshi Yamashita Data science approaches for credit risk evaluation
Jun 10 Hiroshi Maruyama How information technology changes activities in academia?
Jun 10 Shin Kanaya Nonparametric Estimation for Mixed-Frequency Time Series: A Convolution Approach
Jun 17 Shiro Ikeda A new imaging method for interferometry
Jun 17 Kazuyuki Nakamura Fusion of simulation and statistical analysis for understanding phenomena and its applications
Jun 24 Shuhei Mano Some properties of the $\Lambda=\delta_1$-Fleming-Viot process
Jun 24 Takaaki Shimura Discretization in extreme value theory
Jul 1 Nicolaos Synodinos Wireless phones and RDD surveys: Findings from the U.S. and elsewhere
Jul 1 Yusuke Inagaki The Analyses on Items Concerning 'Trust' in the Surveys on the Japanese National Character and the Item Verification Survey on the Japanese National Character
Jul 8 Takashi Nakamura Cohoart analysis of data from the Japanese National Character Surveys using a Bayesian age-period-cohort model with age-by-period interaction terms
Jul 8 Yukito Iba Sampling time-reversed path ensembles - high dimensional examples and improved algorithms
Jul 15 Daichi Mochihashi Introduction to tree-structured stick-breaking processes
Jul 15 Ikumi Suzuki Hubness phenomena -popular samples in nearest neighbours- and hubness reduction methods
Jul 22 Donald Richards Parameter estimation in linear Gaussian covariance models
Jul 22 Dane Wilburne Statistical models for the cores decomposition of an undirected random graph
September - October
Date Speaker Title
Sep 30 Ayaka Sakata Measure concentration and replica symmetry breaking in the estimation of restricted isometry constants
Sep 30 Masayo Hirose An empirical best linear unbiased predictor and its prediction error in small area estimation
Oct 7 Teppei Ogihara Covariation estimation for security returns with high-frequency financial data
Oct 7 Manabu Kuroki Counterfactual reasoning with disjunctive knowledge in a linear structural equation model
Oct 14 Kei Kobayashi Stochastic Analysis for Flow Shop Scheduling Problem
Oct 14 Genta Ueno Density estimation based on climate models
Oct 21 Jiancang Zhuang Earthquake clustering: modelling, testing and extensions
Oct 21 Akira Tamamori A study on prediction of quasiperiodic nonlinear phenomena based on Gaussian process state space model
Oct 28 Yuta Koike On detecting lead-lag effects
Oct 28 Satoshi Kuriki A generalization of Anderson-Darling goodness-of-fit statistic based on multifold integrated empirical distribution functions
November - December
Date Speaker Title
Nov 11 Kazuhiro Minami Anonymization and differential privacy
Nov 11 Kenji Fukumizu Kernel methods for topological data analysis
Nov 18 Tomoko Matsui A spatial-temporal analysis of tweet data and extreme climate events toward real-time urban risk management
Nov 18 Ryo Yoshida Data science-driven strategy for designing organic compounds
Nov 25 Hideatsu Tsukahara The empirical beta copula
Nov 25 Toshio Honda Efficient estimation in semivarying coefficient models for longitudinal/clustered data
Dec 2 Masaya Saito Cost-benefit study of selective vaccination against rubella
Dec 2 Ryozo Yoshino How to understand data of public opinion poll under the low response rate
Dec 9 Keiichi Fukaya Concept of hierarchical modeling in ecology and some applications
Dec 9 Satoshi Ito Optimization with extremal-value functionals in Hilbert space
January - March(2016)
Date Speaker Title
Jan 13 Masayuki Henmi Paradoxical effect in the dimension reduction
Jan 13 Hironori Fujisawa Robust Sparse Graphical Modeling
Jan 27 Takashi Tsuchiya Solving semidefinite programs completely - Numerical ill-conditioning vs modeling capability
Jan 27 Nobuhisa Kashiwagi Statistical analysis of environmental data
Feb 3 Yoshiyasu Tamura What are random number generators?
Feb 3 Kei Takahashi Dynamic Psychological Effects in disaggregate level on advertising
Feb 10 Ai Kawamori Analysis of foraging choice in laboratory chicks by reinforcement learning model
Feb 10 Junji Nakano Simple descriptive statistics for aggregated symbolic data with categorical variables
Feb 17 Nobuo Shimizu Dissimilarity for aggregated symbolic data with categorical variables
Feb 17 Takahiro Tsuchiya Analysis of the survey on the Japanese national character with the use of regional information
Feb 24 Atsushi Yoshimoto A new approach for area restriction model by considering maximum flow problem into integer programming formulation
Feb 24 Yoshihiko Miyasato Asymptotically stable cooperative control of uncertain multi-agent systems
Mar 2 Yoshinori Kawasaki Comparing prediction capability of volatility models based on empirical similarity
Mar 2 Koji Kanefuji Growth patterns of Japanese boys and girls
Mar 9 Ichiro Ken Shimatani Population dynamics in ecology and Markov transition matrix model
Mar 9 Tadahiko Maeda Analysis of visit records in interviewer-mediated surveys
Mar 16 Shin'ya Nakano Modelling of typhoon trajectories and their long-term variation
Mar 16 Shinsuke Koyama Approximate inference for stochastic reaction networks
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