Place: Seminar Room 5 (D313, D314)

Open: 15:30
Time: 16:00-17:20
[Part 1] 16:00-16:40
[Part 2] 16:40-17:20

Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2014

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April - May
Date Speaker Title
Apr 9 Atsushi Yoshimoto Discrete optimization model for controlling invasive species
Apr 9 Ichiro Ken Shimatani Cylindrical distributions and their applications to real ecological data
Apr 16 Yoshihiko Miyasato Cooperative control of uncertain multi-agent systems
Apr 16 Yoshinori Kawasaki Multiple choice from competing regression models under multicollinearity
Apr 23 Tadahiko Maeda Issues in design and administration of the thirteenth nationwide survey on the Japanese National Character
Apr 23 Shin'ya Nakano Parameter estimation for observation model using the ensemble transform Kalman filter
May 14 Su-Yun Huang Asymptotic error bounds for kernel-based Nystrom low-rank approximation matrices
May 14 Ting-Li Chen Robust regression by self-updating process
May 21 Shinto Eguchi A generalization to relax difficult aspects in Maxent
May 21 Yoichi Nishiyama A stochastic maximal inequality, strict countability, and related topics
May 28 Naomasa Maruyama Dynamic Geometry Software "GeoGebra" and mathematics education, statistics education
May 28 Fumikazu Miwakeichi Discrimination of neuron and astrocyte using statistical imaging methods
June - July
Date Speaker Title
Jun 4 Shogo Kato A characterization of a Cauchy family on the complex space
Jun 4 Yumi Takizawa Fundamental research in neural systems and its application
Jun 11 Hisashi Noma Semiparametric efficient estimation and improving efficacy in case-cohort studies using auxiliary variables
Jun 11 Yoshiyuki Ninomiya AIC for the LASSO in generalized linear models
Jun 18 Yoosung Park Effects of enclosed materials on mail survey response rates
Jun 18 Yu Nishiyama Kernel method and infinitely divisible distributions
Jun 25 Jun Adachi Molecular evolution and inferring phylogenies
Jun 25 Osamu Komori Fishery assessment by asymmetric logistic regression model
Jul 2 Satoshi Yamashita Sovereign credit risk and state bankruptcy
Jul 2 Kei Takahashi Applications of Bayesian spline regression
Jul 9 Ikuko Funatogawa Statistical issues arising when the interval between initiation of exposure and death is very long
Jul 9 Hiroshi Maruyama Diminishing return, diversity, and resilience
Jul 16 Shiro Ikeda Optimization of probability measure and rate-distortion function
Jul 16 Hsien-Kuei Hwang Random log trees
September - October
Date Speaker Title
Sep 24 Kei Hirose Generalization of factor rotation via penalized likelihood factor analysis and its extension to regression modeling
Sep 24 Terumasa Tokunaga Image processing techniques for analyzing Calcium ion imaging data
Oct 1 Shuhei Mano Bell's polynomials and Gibbs random partition
Oct 1 Takaaki Shimura Some topics on discretization of distributions in the maximum domain of attraction
Oct 8 Takashi Nakamura Changes of the Japanese national character based on the thirteenth nationwide survey conducted in 2013
Oct 8 Yukito Iba Time-reversed simulation using particle Monte Carlo and an application to rare event sampling
Oct 15 Takeshi Terui Development of visualization and data analytical services by Arctic Data archival System
Oct 15 Daichi Mochihashi Multiresolution log Gaussian Cox point processes
Oct 22 Teppei Ogihara Maximum likelihood type estimation for high-frequency financial data
Oct 22 Genta Ueno Bayesian estimation of observation-error covariance matrix
Oct 29 Manabu Kuroki Equivalence between causal effects with different sets of variables
Oct 29 Kazuhiro Minami Privacy-preserving methods based on perturbation
November - December
Date Speaker Title
Nov 12 Satoshi Kuriki Exact calculation of multiplicity-adjusted $p$-values of temporal and spatial scan statistics
Nov 12 Kiyohisa Shibai Comparative analysis of north and south Vietnamese using Asia Pacific Value Survey
Nov 19 Shintaro Sono On the concept of probability in Bayesian proper
Nov 19 Jiancang Zhuang Inverting earthquake fault geometry through seismicity triggering
Nov 26 Kenji Fukumizu Nonparametric estimation by score matching with infinite dimensional exponential family
Nov 26 Kei Kobayashi Statistical analysis on neighborhood structure of high dimensional data
Dec 3 Ryo Yoshida Repulsive parallel MCMC algorithm for discovering diverse motifs from large sequence sets
Dec 3 Masaya Saito Parameter estimation in a multicompartment-SIR model
Dec 10 Ryozo Yoshino The Asia-Pacific Values Survey --- Trust based on the universal social values
Dec 10 Kazue Suzuki Introduction of the ISM-statistical typhoon model development and demonstrations of air transport by trajectory analysis model
Dec 17 Tomoko Matsui Music emotion recognition using Gaussian process state-space models
Dec 17 Nobuhisa Kashiwagi Statistical analysis of environmental data
January - March(2015)
Date Speaker Title
Jan 14 Koji Kanefuji Research strategies and research evaluation using the Web of Science database
Jan 14 Hiroe Tsubaki Quality management by attribute data
Jan 28 Hironori Fujisawa Sparse principal component regression with adaptive loading
Jan 28 Satoshi Ito Locally Lipschitz optimization in Hilbert space
Feb 4 Takahiro Tsuchiya Assessment of academic ability and survey of parents
Feb 4 Kaname Matsue Rigorous numerics for global orbits in fast-slow systems
Feb 18 Yoshiyasu Tamura Why is radiation dose measurement at monitoring posts, etc. disturbed?
Feb 18 Shinsuke Koyama Fluctuation scaling in point processes
Feb 25 Masayuki Henmi Differential geometrical structure induced from estimating functions
Feb 25 Keiichi Fukaya Modeling and sequential prediction of periodic phenomena using a non-linear and non-Gaussian state-space model
Mar 4 Nobuo Shimizu Clustering of aggregated symbolic data using discretized continuous variables
Mar 4 Yuya Ariyoshi Modeling of space debris
Mar 11 Tomoaki Imoto Modified Conway--Maxwell--Poisson binomial distribution and its applications
Mar 11 Junji Nakano Parallel computing on R
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