Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2013

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April - May
Date     Speaker Title
   Apr. 10 (Wed.) a Shinsuke Koyama Detectability of variable firing rate
   Apr. 10 (Wed.) b Yoshinori Kawasaki On variable grouping by smooth-thresholding
   Apr. 17 (Wed.) a Takahiro Tsuchiya Some Topics on Designing Questionnaires
   Apr. 17 (Wed.) b Shinya Nakano Prediction and estimation with a small ensemble
   Apr. 24 (Wed.) a Junji Nakano An example of the analysis of Web log data
   Apr. 24 (Wed.) b Nobuo Shimizu Clustering methods for aggregated symbolic data
   May  8 (Wed.) a Yoshihiko Miyasato Cooperative Control of Infinite-Dimensional Systems
   May  8 (Wed.) b Tadahiko Maeda Topics from recent surveys by Survey Science Center
   May 15 (Wed.) a Hiromichi Nagao Identification of fractures in underground reservoirs by integrating CVBEM and MCMC
   May 15 (Wed.) b Yoichi Nishiyama Martingale Methods in Statistics
   May 22 (Wed.) a Shinto Eguchi Ecological assessments combining marine ecology and machine learning
   May 22 (Wed.) b Toshio Honda Nonparametric quantile estimation for time series
   May 29 (Wed.) a Naomasa Maruyama Dynamic Geometry Software "GeoGebra" and its neighbors
   May 29 (Wed.) b Kazuhiro Minami Protecting location privacy against statistical inference attacks

June - July
Date     Speaker Title
   Jun. 12 (Wed.) a Yumi Takizawa Electro-Physical Model and Dynamic Analysis for Neural Systems in Brain
   Jun. 12 (Wed.) b Fumikazu Miwakeichi Can statistical time series analysis be applied to Ca imaging data?
   Jun. 19 (Wed.) a Donald St. P. RICHARDS The Affinely Invariant Distance Correlation
   Jun. 19 (Wed.) b Chiho Kamiyama Leaf-trait responses to environmental gradients in moorland communities: plasticity, species replacement and functional group replacement
   Jun. 26 (Wed.) a Takashi Washio Disaster Scenario Analysis using Statistical Rare Event Simulation
   Jun. 26 (Wed.) b Hisashi Noma Estimating average treatment effect in meta-analysis under heterogeneity
   Jul.  3 (Wed.) a Warner Marzocchi Operational earthquake forecasting and decision making
   Jul.  3 (Wed.) b Park Yoosung A study on the potential of Neighborhood Associations based on multi-level efficacy scale
   Jul. 10 (Wed.) a Arnaud Doucet Locally Adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo Methods
   Jul. 10 (Wed.) b Shogo Kato Genetic analysis of mouse activity data using regression models
   Jul. 24 (Wed.) a Hsien-Kuei Hwang Periodic fluctuations of binomial splitting processes
   Jul. 24 (Wed.) b Gareth Peters Optimal Insurance Purchase Strategies via Multiple Optimal Stopping Time Rules

September - October
Date     Speaker Title
   Sep. 25 (Wed.) a Ilia Negri Higher moments and prediction-based estimation for COGARCH(1,1) model
   Sep. 25 (Wed.) b Diana Surova Relating landscape preferences to socio-demographic variables of respondents
   Oct.  2 (Wed.) a Jun Adachi Modeling of molecular evolution and inference of molecular phylogeny
   Oct.  2 (Wed.) b Satoshi Yamashita Risk-averse behavior metrics and statistical methods
   Oct.  9 (Wed.) a Juan Carlos Jimenez-Sobrino Approximate discrete-time schemes for the estimation of diffusion processes from complete observations
   Oct.  9 (Wed.) b Shiro Ikeda Compton camera imaging
   Oct. 16 (Wed.) a Osamu Komori Density estimation based on V divergence
   Oct. 16 (Wed.) b Hiroshi Maruyama Theory of probability and the axiom of choice
   Oct. 23 (Wed.) a Peter Surový 3 dimensional data acquisition and 3d modeling in forestry
   Oct. 23 (Wed.) b B. L. S. Prakasa Rao Associated sequences and demimartingales
   Oct. 30 (Wed.) a Shuhei Mano Inverse estimate of radiation exposure by chromosome structural abbreviations
   Oct. 30 (Wed.) b Yukito Iba Time series analysis of poll data

November - December
Date     Speaker Title
   Nov. 13 (Wed.) a Takaaki Shimura Law of small random numbers
   Nov. 13 (Wed.) b Masaya Saito Influence of outer regions on influenza spread in 2009 in Japan
   Nov. 20 (Wed.) a Takashi Nakamura Cohort analysis of data from the survey of standardisation in Tsuruoka, Japan (III)
   Nov. 20 (Wed.) b Ryo Yoshida Computational analysis of 4D live-cell images
   Nov. 27 (Wed.) a Daichi Mochihashi Unsupervised learning of sound symbolism
   Nov. 27 (Wed.) b Toshikazu Kitano Revisited extreme value theory, in viewpoint of "Rule of Thirds"
   Dec.  4 (Wed.) a Genta Ueno Data assimilation to a numerical prediction model
   Dec.  4 (Wed.) b Hironori Fujisawa Affineinvariant divergences with empirical estimability
   Dec. 11 (Wed.) a Keiichi Fukaya Statistical inference of phenological changes using multivariate time series models
   Dec. 11 (Wed.) b Manabu Kuroki Effect restoration and measurement bias in causal inference
   Dec. 18 (Wed.) a Koji Kanefuji Population geometric mean of positive variables
   Dec. 18 (Wed.) b Sayaka Shiota Cross-lingual speaker adaptation for statistical parametric speech synthesis using joint-eigenvoices with a space of perceptual characteristics

January - March(2014)
Date     Speaker Title
   Jun.  8 (Wed.) a Satoshi Kuriki Optimal experimental designs for Fourier and polynomial regressions that minimize volume of tube
   Jun.  8 (Wed.) b Ryozo Yoshino The Asia-Pacific Values Survey by ISM
   Jun. 15 (Wed.) a Robert C. Griffiths Multivariate Jacobi Polynomials on the Dirichlet and their reproducing kernels
   Jun. 15 (Wed.) b Kei Kobayashi Metrics on data spaces and their deformation
   Jun. 29 (Wed.) a Satoshi Ito Mathematics of clinch and elimination
   Jun. 29 (Wed.) b Masayuki Henmi Covariate shift and missing data problems
   Feb. 12 (Wed.) a Takao Kumazawa Estimating non-stationary seismicity
   Feb. 12 (Wed.) b Jiancang Zhuang On the criticality of Hawkes processes with continuous marks
   Feb. 26 (Wed.) a Kenji Fukumizu Density estimation by score matching with infinite dimensional exponential family
   Feb. 26 (Wed.) b Tomoko Matsui Musical information processing using Gaussian process
   Mar.  5 (Wed.) a Nobuhisa Kashiwagi Statistical analysis of environmental data
   Mar.  5 (Wed.) b Hiroe Tsubaki History of revisions of the Helsinki Declaration - the impact to statistical design and analysis of clinical researches
   Mar. 12 (Wed.) a Toshihiko Kawamura A statistical modeling approach to robust parameter design
   Mar. 12 (Wed.) b Yoshiyasu Tamura Hardware random number and Monte Carlo method

Place:The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
           Seminar Room 5 (D313,D314)
Time: a 16:00-16:40   b 16:40-17:20  (Free)
Open: 15:30
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