Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2012
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April, 2012 - May, 2012
Date     Speaker Title
   Apr. 11 (Wed.) a Satoshi Kuriki Abstract tubes associated with perturbed polyhedra with applications to multidimensional normal probability computations
   Apr. 11 (Wed.) b Seisho Sato An analysis for financial time series by using state space model
   Apr. 18 (Wed.) a Toshihiko Kawamura A Statistical Approach to Robust Parameter Design
   Apr. 18 (Wed.) b Hiroe Tsubaki Statistical Decision after Risk Acceptance
   Apr. 25 (Wed.) a William Dunsmuir Detecting and modelling serial dependence in discrete valued time series
   Apr. 25 (Wed.) b Yoshinori Kawasaki A nonparametric specification test in time series regression
   May  9 (Wed.) a Takahiro Tsuchiya Residents Survey in Tama
   May  9 (Wed.) b Yoichi Nishiyama Moment convergence of Z-estimators and Z-process method for change point problems
   May 16 (Wed.) a Junji Nakano Regression analysis for aggregated symbolic data
   May 16 (Wed.) b Tadahiko Maeda Topics from sociolinguistic surveys
   May 23 (Wed.) a Yoshihiko Miyasato Control problems of multi-agent systems
   May 23 (Wed.) b Peter Surovy Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM) and its use for branching optimization
   May 30 (Wed.) a Nobuo Shimizu Clustering for interval-valued functional data
   May 30 (Wed.) b Yumi Takizawa Neural Signal Processing and its Application to Time-Space Estimation

June, 2012 - July, 2012
Date     Speaker Title
   Jun.  6 (Wed.) a Shinto Eguchi Minimum power entropy method for clustering and density estimation
   Jun.  6 (Wed.) b Hiromichi Nagao Data assimilation of atmospheric and ionospheric perturbations excited by large earthquakes
   Jun. 13 (Wed.) a Naomasa Maruyama Modernization of Statistical Information Resource Navigation System
   Jun. 13 (Wed.) b Shin'ya Nakano Data assimilation under nonlinear observation
   Jun. 27 (Wed.) a Osamu Komori Generalization of t-statistic: investigation of a relationship among t-statistic, AUC and K-L divergence
   Jun. 27 (Wed.) b Ying Cao Efficiency of taxon sampling on stability of Bayesian divergence times estimation: A case study of Cetacean mitochondrial genome evolution
   Jul. 11 (Wed.) a Fumikazu Miwakeichi Spatio-temporal modeling of neural mass activation
   Jul. 11 (Wed.) b Hsien-Kuei Hwang Threshold phenomena in k-dominant skylines of random samples
   Jul. 18 (Wed.) a Henry P. Wynn A discussion of Bayesian learning
   Jul. 18 (Wed.) b Ilia Negri Approximation for compound Poisson processes arising in change-point type statistical models as limiting likelihood ratios

September, 2012 - October, 2012
Date     Speaker Title
   Sep. 26 (Wed.) a Hisashi Noma Statistical inference for two-stage designs in epidemiology
   Sep. 26 (Wed.) b Yoosung Park Does Goal-Oriented Managerial Behavior Promote Intrinsic Motivation and Interpersonal Facilitation of Public Officials in Prefectural Governments on Performance Evaluation System?
   Oct.  3 (Wed.) a Hiroshi Maruyama Systems Resilience
   Oct.  3 (Wed.) b Yukito Iba Rare event sampling in nonlinear dynamical systems
   Oct. 10 (Wed.) a Shogo Kato A family of distributions on the circle characterised by its trigonometric moments
   Oct. 10 (Wed.) b Kazue Suzuki Attempt to develop a method for dating Antarctic Ice Core
   Oct. 17 (Wed.) a Koji Kanefuji Models for Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Dissolved Oxygen
   Oct. 17 (Wed.) b Shiro Ikeda A study of the Bayes risk with U-divergence loss
   Oct. 24 (Wed.) a Jun Adachi Molecular evolution and phylogenies
   Oct. 24 (Wed.) b Genta Ueno Ensemble-based sensitivity analysis: no more adjoint codes
   Oct. 31 (Wed.) a Yoshiyasu Tamura Data Analysis of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Accident -Has the accident been brought under control?-
   Oct. 31 (Wed.) b Satoshi Yamashita Estimation Methods for Loss Given Default

November, 2012 - December, 2012
Date     Speaker Title
   Nov. 14 (Wed.) a Kenji Fukumizu A kernel method for semiparametric sparse variable selection
   Nov. 14 (Wed.) b Yu Nishiyama Policy Learning in Partially Observable Markov Decision Process using Kernel Methods
   Nov. 21 (Wed.) a Nobuhisa Kashiwagi Analysis of environmental data
   Nov. 21 (Wed.) b Ryozo Yoshino Axiomatic measurement theory - a viewpoint of mathematical psychology
   Nov. 28 (Wed.) a Shuhei Mano Asymptotic Properties of Extremes in Pitman's Random Partition
   Nov. 28 (Wed.) b Shigeki Nakagome Genome Data Analysis by Kernel Approximate Bayesian Computation
   Dec.  5 (Wed.) a Koken Ozaki Results of a survey on basic skills in mathematics of university students
   Dec.  5 (Wed.) b Tadayoshi Fushiki Nonresponse bias adjustment in sample surveys
   Dec. 12 (Wed.) a Takashi Nakamura Cohort Analysis of Data from the Survey of Standardisation in Tsuruoka, Japan (II)
   Dec. 12 (Wed.) b Takaaki Shimura Law of large random numbers
   Dec. 19 (Wed.) a Takafumi Kubota Factorial Design of Suicide Data in Japan
   Dec. 19 (Wed.) b Takaki Iwata Temporal change of earthquake detection capability

January, 2013 - March, 2013
Date     Speaker Title
   Jan.  9 (Wed.) a Ryo Yoshida Analyzing chemical compounds using graph kernels: prediction and structural design
   Jan.  9 (Wed.) b Shigeyuki Matsui Developing and validating biomarkers in clinical trials for predictive medicine
   Jan. 16 (Wed.) a* Takayuki Yamada Test for assessing multivariate normality which is available for high-dimensional data
   Jan. 16 (Wed.) b* Masaya Saito Enhancement of collective immunity by selective vaccination against emerging influenza pandemic
   Jan. 30 (Wed.) a Daichi Mochihashi Correlated Hierarchical Dirichlet processes
   Jan. 30 (Wed.) b Eiki Tanaka A spinor approach to crystal structure and materials science
   Feb.  6 (Wed.) a Manabu Kuroki Sharp bounds on causal effect using a surrogate endpoint
   Feb.  6 (Wed.) b Tomoko Matsui Music genre classification using self-taught learning via sparse coding
   Feb. 13 (Wed.) a Masayuki Henmi Estimation of treatment effects based on possibly misspecified Cox regression
   Feb. 13 (Wed.) b Dou Xiaoling Dependence Structure of Bivariate Order Statistics and its Applications
   Feb. 20 (Wed.) a Atsushi Yoshimoto Evaluation of Forest Ecological Service and Discrete Optimization Modeling
   Feb. 20 (Wed.) b Jiancang Zhuang Testing seismicity anomalies: Against complete randomness? Or against earthquake clustering models?
   Feb. 27 (Wed.) a Ruriko Yoshida Nonparametric Estimation of Phylogenetic Tree Distributions
   Feb. 27 (Wed.) b Kei Kobayashi DeRobertis separation, its generalization and application
   Mar.  6 (Wed.) a Yoshinori Fujisawa A family of skew-unimodal distributions with mode invariance
   Mar.  6 (Wed.) b Zapart Christopher High time to recognise econophysics
   Mar. 13 (Wed.) a Satoshi Ito Convex optimization in measure spaces: Discreteness and continuity in infinite dimension
   Mar. 13 (Wed.) b Kenichiro Shimatani Diversity of population dynamics models depending on data, sites, species and objective
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