Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2011
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April, 2011 - May, 2011
Date     Speaker Title
   Apr. 13 (Wed.) a Yoichi Nishiyama Change point problems, some problems of rounded data, and other topics
   Apr. 13 (Wed.) b Osamu Komori Discriminant analysis of medical data based on machine learning methods
   Apr. 20 (Wed.) a Shinto Eguchi On maximum local likelihood
   Apr. 20 (Wed.) b Yumi Takizawa Analysis and representation of time-space data in neural system
   Apr. 27 (Wed.) a Tadahiko Maeda Some topics from the recent survey by ISM
   Apr. 27 (Wed.) b Yoshihiko Miyasato Formation Control Based on Optimality
   May 11 (Wed.) a Hiroe Tsubaki Some Remarks on Sum and Average Operation of a Random Sample from Non-Normal Population
   May 11 (Wed.) b Masaya Saito Data assimilation in influenza pandemic simulation
   May 18 (Wed.) a Junji Nakano Principal component analysis for aggregated symbolic data
   May 18 (Wed.) b Yoshinori Kawasaki On the choice of threshold for binary forecasts
   May 25 (Wed.) a Takahiro Tsuchiya Item count technique and the surveys on the Japanese national character
   May 25 (Wed.) b Hiroshi Someya Theoretical analysis of multivariate distributions in stochastic optimization

June, 2011 - July, 2011
Date     Speaker Title
   Jun.  1 (Wed.) a Nobuo Shimizu Distance criterion in symbolic data analysis, and its application
   Jun.  1 (Wed.) b Yukito Iba Surrogate data generation using Multicanonical Monte Carlo
   Jun.  8 (Wed.) a Koji Kanefuji Statistical methods for water quality criterion
   Jun.  8 (Wed.) b Hei Chan Graphical Identification Conditions for Causal Effects Using Linear Structural Equation Models
   Jun. 22 (Wed.) a Tomoyuki Higuchi 3D movie creation method for inventive design with facial motion capture data
   Jun. 22 (Wed.) b Shin'ya Nakano Implementation of the particle filter on a massively parallel computer
   Jun. 29 (Wed.) a Ying Cao Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of marine mammals
   Jun. 29 (Wed.) b Shogo Kato A bivariate circular distribution and related statistical models
   Jul.  6 (Wed.) a Jun Adachi Modeling of molecular evolution and inferring molecular phylogenies
   Jul.  6 (Wed.) b Naomasa Maruyama Coding Theory and Computational Algebraic Statistics
   Jul. 13 (Wed.) a Fumikazu Miwakeichi Hierarchical Neuron Network Model
   Jul. 13 (Wed.) b Zapart Christopher Econophysics: an alternative to econometrics
   Jul. 20 (Wed.) a Hiromichi Nagao Extraction of seismic signals from various types of geophysical data
   Jul. 20 (Wed.) b Takafumi Kubota Spatio-Temporal analysis for suicide data in Japan

September, 2011 - October, 2011
Date     Speaker Title
   Sep. 14 (Wed.) a Hayato Takahashi Algorithmic randomness and Bayesian statistics
   Sep. 14 (Wed.) b Yusuke Watanabe Mathematical Analysis on the Belief Propagation Algorithm
   Sep. 21 (Wed.)   Cancelled by typhoon. Move to Mar. 7, 2012.
   Sep. 28 (Wed.) a Shiro Ikeda Phase retrieval from single biomolecule diffraction pattern
   Sep. 28 (Wed.) b Hiroshi Maruyama Research That Matters -- How can your research make a difference?
   Oct.  5 (Wed.) a Ryozo Yoshino The Asia-Pacific Values Survey --- A Study of Views on Life and Death ---
   Oct.  5 (Wed.) b Tadayoshi Fushiki On the selection of the regularization parameter
   Oct. 12 (Wed.) a Genta Ueno Estimation of observation-error covariance matrix for ensemble-based filters
   Oct. 12 (Wed.) b Satoshi Yamashita Credit risk validation for Japanese business practice
   Oct. 19 (Wed.) a Nobuhisa Kashiwagi Statistical analysis of environmental data
   Oct. 19 (Wed.) b Shuhei Mano Duality between population and sample in a probabilistic model of particle system
   Oct. 26 (Wed.) a Koken Ozaki Development of a cognitive diagnosis model for multiple-choice items
   Oct. 26 (Wed.) b Takaaki Shimura Limit distribution of roundoff error

November, 2011 - December, 2011
Date     Speaker Title
   Nov.  9 (Wed.) a Yoshiyasu Tamura Data Analysis of Status of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station after Great East Japan Earthquake--Who spreads rumors?--
   Nov.  9 (Wed.) b Kazuhiko Shibuya Why is Ubiquitous Collaboration Anywhere ?
   Nov. 16 (Wed.) a Kenji Fukumizu Gradient-based kernel dimension reduction
   Nov. 16 (Wed.) b Hitoshi Motoyama Asymptotic normality of quantile regression estimators for samples from a finite population
   Nov. 30 (Wed.) a Tomoko Matsui Sales forecasting using collaborative filtering
   Nov. 30 (Wed.) b Shinsuku Koyama Bayesian interpretations of random point events
   Dec.  7 (Wed.) a Satoshi Ito Communication channel capacity--a nonlinear but convex optimization problem in a measure space
   Dec.  7 (Wed.) b Kenta Hongou Electronic structure calculations using ab initio quantum Monte Carlo methods
   Dec. 14 (Wed.) a Shigeyuki Matsui Developing and validating predictive markers in randomized clinical trials
   Dec. 14 (Wed.) b Daichi Mochihashi Selective MCMC
   Dec. 21 (Wed.) a Shigeki Nakagome Genome data analysis and evolutionary insights into complex diseases
   Dec. 21 (Wed.) b Takayuki Yamada An interaction between age and a polymorphism in response for the Interferon and Ribavilin treatment of type C hepatitis patients found by whole genome analysis

January, 2012 - March, 2012
Date     Speaker Title
   Jan. 11 (Wed.) a Masayuki Henmi Stratified doubly robust estimators for the average causal effect
   Jan. 11 (Wed.) b Juan Carlos Jimenez Inference methods for discretely observed continuous-time stochastic volatility models. A survey
   Jan. 25 (Wed.) a Manabu Kuroki Evaluation of Direct and Indirect Effects with Misclassified Data
   Jan. 25 (Wed.) b Takaki Iwata The spatial slip distribution of a large earthquake inferred from the spatial distribution of its aftershocks
   Feb.  1 (Wed.) a Hironori Fujisawa Robust Model Selection Criterion
   Feb.  1 (Wed.) b Takashi Nakamura Cohort Analysis of Data from the Survey of Standardisation in Tsuruoka, Japan
   Feb.  8 (Wed.) a Kenichiro Shimatani Time-series modeling for data loggers deployed on moving animals
   Feb.  8 (Wed.) b Fuchun Huang An Introduction to two tools of optimization: FEFAR and UNSOS
   Feb. 22 (Wed.) a Ryo Yoshida Bayesian robust networking of biological circuits
   Feb. 22 (Wed.) b Kei Kobayashi Statistical data analysis on English mental lexicons
   Feb. 29 (Wed.) a Xiaoling Dou Influence Analysis in Quantitative Trait Loci
   Feb. 29 (Wed.) b Jiancang Zhuang Residual analysis for point-process models
   Mar.  7 (Wed.) a Toshihiro Abe Symmetric circular models through duplication and cosine perturbation
   Mar.  7 (Wed.) b Atsushi Yoshimoto Spatially constrained harvest scheduling models
   Mar. 14 (Wed.) * Yoshihiko Ogata My research trajectory in the ISM
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