Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2011
January, 2012 - March, 2012

Date     Speaker Title
   Jan. 11 (Wed.) a Masayuki Henmi Stratified doubly robust estimators for the average causal effect
   Jan. 11 (Wed.) b Juan Carlos Jimenez Inference methods for discretely observed continuous-time stochastic volatility models. A survey
   Jan. 25 (Wed.) a Manabu Kuroki Evaluation of Direct and Indirect Effects with Misclassified Data
   Jan. 25 (Wed.) b Takaki Iwata The spatial slip distribution of a large earthquake inferred from the spatial distribution of its aftershocks
   Feb.  1 (Wed.) a Hironori Fujisawa Robust Model Selection Criterion
   Feb.  1 (Wed.) b Takashi Nakamura Cohort Analysis of Data from the Survey of Standardisation in Tsuruoka, Japan
   Feb.  8 (Wed.) a Kenichiro Shimatani Time-series modeling for data loggers deployed on moving animals
   Feb.  8 (Wed.) b Fuchun Huang An Introduction to two tools of optimization: FEFAR and UNSOS
   Feb. 22 (Wed.) a Ryo Yoshida Bayesian robust networking of biological circuits
   Feb. 22 (Wed.) b Kei Kobayashi Statistical data analysis on English mental lexicons
   Feb. 29 (Wed.) a Xiaoling Dou Influence Analysis in Quantitative Trait Loci
   Feb. 29 (Wed.) b Jiancang Zhuang Residual analysis for point-process models
   Mar.  7 (Wed.) a Toshihiro Abe Symmetric circular models through duplication and cosine perturbation
   Mar.  7 (Wed.) b Atsushi Yoshimoto Spatially constrained harvest scheduling models
   Mar. 14 (Wed.) * Yoshihiko Ogata My research trajectory in the ISM
Updated: January 24, 2012