Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2011
November, 2011 - December, 2011

Date     Speaker Title
   Nov.  9 (Wed.) a Yoshiyasu Tamura Data Analysis of Status of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station after Great East Japan Earthquake--Who spreads rumors?--
   Nov.  9 (Wed.) b Kazuhiko Shibuya Why is Ubiquitous Collaboration Anywhere ?
   Nov. 16 (Wed.) a Kenji Fukumizu Gradient-based kernel dimension reduction
   Nov. 16 (Wed.) b Hitoshi Motoyama Asymptotic normality of quantile regression estimators for samples from a finite population
   Nov. 30 (Wed.) a Tomoko Matsui Sales forecasting using collaborative filtering
   Nov. 30 (Wed.) b Shinsuku Koyama Bayesian interpretations of random point events
   Dec.  7 (Wed.) a Satoshi Ito Communication channel capacity--a nonlinear but convex optimization problem in a measure space
   Dec.  7 (Wed.) b Kenta Hongou Electronic structure calculations using ab initio quantum Monte Carlo methods
   Dec. 14 (Wed.) a Shigeyuki Matsui Developing and validating predictive markers in randomized clinical trials
   Dec. 14 (Wed.) b Daichi Mochihashi Selective MCMC
   Dec. 21 (Wed.) a Shigeki Nakagome Genome data analysis and evolutionary insights into complex diseases
   Dec. 21 (Wed.) b Takayuki Yamada An interaction between age and a polymorphism in response for the Interferon and Ribavilin treatment of type C hepatitis patients found by whole genome analysis
Updated: November 24, 2011