Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2011
September, 2011 - October, 2011

Date     Speaker Title
   Sep. 14 (Wed.) a Hayato Takahashi Algorithmic randomness and Bayesian statistics
   Sep. 14 (Wed.) b Yusuke Watanabe Mathematical Analysis on the Belief Propagation Algorithm
   Sep. 21 (Wed.)   Cancelled by typhoon. Move to Mar. 7, 2012.
   Sep. 28 (Wed.) a Shiro Ikeda Phase retrieval from single biomolecule diffraction pattern
   Sep. 28 (Wed.) b Hiroshi Maruyama Research That Matters -- How can your research make a difference?
   Oct.  5 (Wed.) a Ryozo Yoshino The Asia-Pacific Values Survey --- A Study of Views on Life and Death ---
   Oct.  5 (Wed.) b Tadayoshi Fushiki On the selection of the regularization parameter
   Oct. 12 (Wed.) a Genta Ueno Estimation of observation-error covariance matrix for ensemble-based filters
   Oct. 12 (Wed.) b Satoshi Yamashita Credit risk validation for Japanese business practice
   Oct. 19 (Wed.) a Nobuhisa Kashiwagi Statistical analysis of environmental data
   Oct. 19 (Wed.) b Shuhei Mano Duality between population and sample in a probabilistic model of particle system
   Oct. 26 (Wed.) a Koken Ozaki Development of a cognitive diagnosis model for multiple-choice items
   Oct. 26 (Wed.) b Takaaki Shimura Limit distribution of roundoff error
Updated: September 29, 2011