Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2011
June, 2011 - July, 2011

Date     Speaker Title
   Jun.  1 (Wed.) a Nobuo Shimizu Distance criterion in symbolic data analysis, and its application
   Jun.  1 (Wed.) b Yukito Iba Surrogate data generation using Multicanonical Monte Carlo
   Jun.  8 (Wed.) a Koji Kanefuji Statistical methods for water quality criterion
   Jun.  8 (Wed.) b Hei Chan Graphical Identification Conditions for Causal Effects Using Linear Structural Equation Models
   Jun. 22 (Wed.) a Tomoyuki Higuchi 3D movie creation method for inventive design with facial motion capture data
   Jun. 22 (Wed.) b Shin'ya Nakano Implementation of the particle filter on a massively parallel computer
   Jun. 29 (Wed.) a Ying Cao Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of marine mammals
   Jun. 29 (Wed.) b Shogo Kato A bivariate circular distribution and related statistical models
   Jul.  6 (Wed.) a Jun Adachi Modeling of molecular evolution and inferring molecular phylogenies
   Jul.  6 (Wed.) b Naomasa Maruyama Coding Theory and Computational Algebraic Statistics
   Jul. 13 (Wed.) a Fumikazu Miwakeichi Hierarchical Neuron Network Model
   Jul. 13 (Wed.) b Zapart Christopher Econophysics: an alternative to econometrics
   Jul. 20 (Wed.) a Hiromichi Nagao Extraction of seismic signals from various types of geophysical data
   Jul. 20 (Wed.) b Takafumi Kubota Spatio-Temporal analysis for suicide data in Japan
Updated: April 26, 2011