Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2011
April, 2011 - May, 2011

Date     Speaker Title
   Apr. 13 (Wed.) a Yoichi Nishiyama Change point problems, some problems of rounded data, and other topics
   Apr. 13 (Wed.) b Osamu Komori Discriminant analysis of medical data based on machine learning methods
   Apr. 20 (Wed.) a Shinto Eguchi On maximum local likelihood
   Apr. 20 (Wed.) b Yumi Takizawa Analysis and representation of time-space data in neural system
   Apr. 27 (Wed.) a Tadahiko Maeda Some topics from the recent survey by ISM
   Apr. 27 (Wed.) b Yoshihiko Miyasato Formation Control Based on Optimality
   May 11 (Wed.) a Hiroe Tsubaki Some Remarks on Sum and Average Operation of a Random Sample from Non-Normal Population
   May 11 (Wed.) b Masaya Saito Data assimilation in influenza pandemic simulation
   May 18 (Wed.) a Junji Nakano Principal component analysis for aggregated symbolic data
   May 18 (Wed.) b Yoshinori Kawasaki On the choice of threshold for binary forecasts
   May 25 (Wed.) a Takahiro Tsuchiya Item count technique and the surveys on the Japanese national character
   May 25 (Wed.) b Hiroshi Someya Theoretical analysis of multivariate distributions in stochastic optimization
Updated: April 5, 2011