Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2010
January, 2011 - March, 2011

Date Title Speaker
   Jan. 12 (Wed.) Scoring methods for performance of non-probabilistic predictions Jiancang Zhuang
   Jan. 19 (Wed.)* Optimal significance analysis of microarray data in a class of tests whose null statistic can be constructed Hironori Fujisawa
   Jan. 26 (Wed.) A method of covariate adjustment in randomized trials Masayuki Henmi
   Feb.  2 (Wed.) Inhomogeneous Neyman-Scott process and separation of effects of environment and dispersal from spatial distribution data Kenichiro Shimatani
   Feb.  9 (Wed.) Some problems of the Bayesian Age-period-cohort model Takashi Nakamura
   Feb. 16 (Wed.) Baker's distribution --- A copula based on order statistics Satoshi Kuriki
   Feb. 23 (Wed.) High-frequency data and nonlinear time series analysis Seisho Sato
   Mar.  2 (Wed.) Advanced statistical science toward unraveling tumor dynamics and regulation Ryo Yoshida
   Mar.  9 (Wed.) Asymptotic theory of estimation via algebraic methods Kei Kobayashi
   Mar. 16 (Wed.)
Item count technique and the surveys on the Japanese national character Takahiro Tsuchiya

Place:The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
           Seminar Room 5 (D313,D314)  *Seminar Room 1 (D305)
Time: 4:00-5:00 p.m.(Free)
Open: 3:30 p.m.


Updated: November 16, 2010