Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2010
September, 2010 - December, 2010

Date Title Speaker
   Sep. 22 (Wed.) Statistical analysis of environmental data Nobuhisa Kashiwagi
   Sep. 29 (Wed.) Duality in a two-point Wright-Fisher diffusion and its applications Shuhei Mano
   Oct.  6 (Wed.) Behavior genetic analysis of Twin data Koken Ozaki
   Oct. 13 (Wed.) Errors in extreme value statistics Takaaki Shimura
   Oct. 20 (Wed.) New Hardware Random Number Generators in the Institute of Statistical Mathematics Yoshiyasu Tamura
   Oct. 27 (Wed.) Bayes' rule with positive definite kernels Kenji Fukumizu
   Nov. 10 (Wed.) Bayesian modeling of temporal and spatial nonhomogeneity for space-time databases Yoshihiko Ogata
   Nov. 17 (Wed.) Robust parameter design of measurement systems Toshihiko Kawamura
   Dec.  1 (Wed.) Music Information Retrieval Using Kernel Machine Tomoko Matsui
   Dec.  8 (Wed.) Statistical Issues on the Neural Code Shinsuke Koyama
   Dec. 15 (Wed.) Emerging statistical issues in developing cancer molecular diagnostics Shigeyuki Matsui
   Dec. 22 (Wed.) Clinch and elimination numbers in league sports Satoshi Ito

Place:The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
           Seminar Room 5 (D313,D314)
Time: 4:00-5:00 p.m.(Free)
Open: 3:30 p.m.


Updated: July 30, 2010