Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2010
April, 2010 - July, 2010

Date Title Speaker
   Apr.  7 (Wed.) Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Measurement Error Models Yukito Iba
   Apr. 14 (Wed.) Development of statistical analysis tools designed for GPGPU-based calculation Tomoyuki Higuchi
   Apr. 21 (Wed.)* Developing Evolutionary Algorithms from a Statistical Point of View Hiroshi Someya
   Apr. 28 (Wed.) Some applications of data assimilation to space science Shin'ya Nakano
   May 12 (Wed.) Continental drift and mammalian evolution Ying Cao
   May 19 (Wed.) A Markov process for circular data Shogo Kato
   May 26 (Wed.)* Molecular evolution and molecular phylogeny Jun Adachi
   Jun.  2 (Wed.)* Spatio-temporal Analysis for Brain and Neuronal Data Fumikazu Miwakeichi
   Jun.  9 (Wed.) Decoding of algebraic geometric codes and factorization of polynomials Naomasa Maruyama
   Jun. 16 (Wed.) Optimization in Inference Problem Shiro Ikeda
   Jun. 23 (Wed.) Economic analysis of the strip shelterwood system for forest management Atsushi Yoshimoto
   Jun. 30 (Wed.) Asia-Pacific Values Survey --- For the development of the East Asia Community --- Ryozo Yoshino
   Jul.  7 (Wed.) Development of data assimilation framework: maximum likelihood and large-scale systems Genta Ueno
   Jul. 14 (Wed.) Estimation of prediction error by using cross-validation Tadayoshi Fushiki

Place:The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
           Seminar Room 5 (D313,D314)  *Lecture Hall
Time: 4:00-5:00 p.m.(Free)
Open: 3:30 p.m.


Updated: February 15, 2010