Statistical Mathematics Seminars 2009
October, 2009 - November, 2009

Date Title Speaker
   Oct.  7 (Wed.) Japan-USA comparison of RDD Telephone Surveys Wataru Matsumoto
   Oct. 14 (Wed.) Approximation of kernel Gram matrices via random matrix theory Kei Kobayashi
   Oct. 21 (Wed.) Bayesian prediction of a density function in terms of e-mixture Toshio Ohnishi
   Oct. 28 (Wed.) Recursive Parameter Estimation in General State-Space Models using Particle Methods Arnaud Doucet
   Nov.  4 (Wed.) The twelfth nationwide survey on the Japanese national character Takahiro Tsuchiya
   Nov. 11 (Wed.) Reconstruction of regulatory signals in transcription circuits by annealing Ryo Yoshida
   Nov. 18 (Wed.) On Two-sample Test and Pattern Recognition Shinto Eguchi
   Nov. 25 (Wed.) Composition and Functions of Biological Neuronal Networks based on Electrical, Behavioral, and Physiological Basis Yumi Takizawa

Place:The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Tachikawa)
           Seminar Room 5 (D313, D314)

Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.(Free)
1:00 p.m.

December,2009 - March,2010


Updated: August 14, 2009