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#9.17 Global environment
(Hand card) Here are two opinions concerning the global environment and our lives. Which comes closest to the way you feel?
1Each of us must do his part to protect the world environment, even if our lives become somewhat less convenient than they are now
2Even now we still must think of making our own lives more convenient
3Other (Specify)4 D.K.
Target : All        
Ques. No.Each of us must do his partMaking our own lives more convenientOtherD. K.Total
XIII (2013)M34851302100(1,579)
XII (2008)M31881002100(1,573)
XI (2003)M2982140399(1,158)
X (1998)M30851302100(1,341)
IX (1993)M30791704100(1,905)
VIII (1988)*       
VII (1983)*       
VI (1978)*       
V (1973)*       
IV (1968)*       
III (1963)*       
II (1958)*       
I (1953)*       
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