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#8.7i Political party support
Which political party do you support?
1Jiyuminshuto (Liberal Democratic Party)
2Minshuto (The Democratic Party of Japan)
3Komeito (New Komeito)
4Jiyuto (Liberal Party)
5Nihonkyosanto (Japan Communist Party)
6Shaminto (Social Democratic Party)
7Hoshushinto (New Conservative party)
8Other (Specify)
9No political party10 D.K.
Target : All        
Ques. No.Jiyu- min shu- toMin shu- toKo mei- toJi yu- toNi hon- kyo san- toSha min- toHo shu shin- toOth- erNo polit- ical par- tyD. K.Total
XIII (2013)*             
XII (2008)*             
XI (2003)K372644111-0603100(1,192)
X (1998)*             
IX (1993)*             
VIII (1988)*             
VII (1983)*             
VI (1978)*             
V (1973)*             
IV (1968)*             
III (1963)*             
II (1958)*             
I (1953)*             
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