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#8.10 Positives and negatives of the welfare state
(Hand card) Which of the following two opinions is closer to how you think of the welfare state?
1The welfare state guarantees the lives of people and allows them to live with security
2The welfare state favors the lazy and hard-working people lose out
3Other (Specify)4 D.K.
Target : All        
Ques. No.Live with securityHard-working people lose outOtherD.K.Total
XIII (2013)*       
XII (2008)*       
XI (2003)*       
X (1998)*       
IX (1993)K33781516100(1,833)
VIII (1988)*       
VII (1983)*       
VI (1978)*       
V (1973)*       
IV (1968)*       
III (1963)*       
II (1958)*       
I (1953)*       
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