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#5.6h Desirable person: efficient vs. friendly
(Hand card) Whom do you consider more desirable as a person?
1Mr.S. who is friendly and can be counted on to help others but is not an efficient worker
2Mr.T. who is an efficient worker but is indifferent to the worries and affairs of others
3Other(Specify)4 D.K.
Target : All        
Ques. No.Mr.S.Mr.T.OtherD.K.Total
XIII (2013)K3179121799(1,591)
XII (2008)K2877122899(1,729)
XI (2003)K297213312100(1,192)
X (1998)K287711210100(1,339)
IX (1993)K27771239101(1,833)
VIII (1988)*       
VII (1983)K26751168100(2,256)
VI (1978)K147211710100(2,032)
V (1973)*       
IV (1968)*       
III (1963)*       
II (1958)*       
I (1953)*       
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