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#5.1c2 Employment examination: a child of benefactor
(Hand card) In the last question we supposed that the one getting the second highest grade was your relative. Suppose that the one who got the second highest grade was the son of parents to whom you felt indebted. Which person would you employ?
1One with the highest grade
2Son of your benefactor
3Other(Specify)4 D.K.
Target : All        
Ques. No.One with the highest gradeSon of your benefactorOtherD.K.Total
XIII (2013)K29b563815100(1,591)
XII (2008)K26b583615100(1,729)
XI (2003)K27b5435210101(1,192)
X (1998)K26b494218100(1,339)
IX (1993)K25b454429100(1,833)
VIII (1988)K21b454934101(1,858)
VII (1983)K22b464725100(2,256)
VI (1978)K21b474625100(2,032)
V (1973)K28b523928101(3,055)
IV (1968)22b543925100(3,033)
III (1963)20b484426100(2,698)
II (1958)*       
I (1953)*       
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