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#1.3b Educational background (New form)
Which of the following matches the last type of school that you were enrolled in?
(For those currently enrolled, please select the type of school you currently attend.)
(If you don't know which option to select between (A) and (G), please enter the exact name of the last school attended or how many years of school you have attended since elementary school.)
1Elementary school (also for cases where school wasn't attended)
2Middle school (for middle school in the new system or higher elementary school in the old system)
3High school (also for industry or trade school high schools)
Or middle school under the old system (middle school, industry and trade schools, women's schools)
4Junior college, technical college
5High school under the old system, industry and trade specialty schools under the old system, high schools under the old system for industry and trade
6University (universities under the new and old systems)
7Graduate school
8Other [If they do not know which answer choice to select between (A) and (G), record the name of the last school attended]
[Note for examiner: If they are currently enrolled in one of choices (C) to (H), circle the x below. For those who dropped out, select the last school from which they graduated. For other details, consult the survey guide.]
Target : All        
Ques. No.Ele men taryMiddleHighJunior collegeHigh school under the old systemUni ver sityGrad uate schoolOtherCur rent ly at tend ingTotal
XIII (2013)K42115451611910199(1,591)
XII (2008)*            
XI (2003)*            
X (1998)*            
IX (1993)*            
VIII (1988)*            
VII (1983)*            
VI (1978)*            
V (1973)*            
IV (1968)*            
III (1963)*            
II (1958)*            
I (1953)*            
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