Aims and Scope

The journal aims to provide an international forum for open communication among statisticians and research workers who have the common purpose of advancing human knowledge through the development of the science and technology of statistics.

AISM will publish the broadest possible coverage of statistical papers of the highest quality. Emphasis will be placed on the publication of papers relating to (a) establishment of new areas of application, (b) development of new procedures and algorithms, (c) development of unifying theories, (d) analysis and improvement of existing procedures and theories, and (e) communication of empirical findings supported by real data.

The objective of AISM is to contribute to the advancement of statistics as a science for human handling of information to cope with uncertainties. Special emphasis will thus be placed on the publication of papers that will eventually lead to significant improvements in the practice of statistics. In addition to papers by professional statisticians, contributions from authors in various fields of application will be welcomed.

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